What's new in PaidTabs v5.0

Instagram & TikTok Transcriptions

In addition to Spotify and YouTube, now you can request transcription of instagram reels and TikTok Videos! Get any guitar tab or sheet music of instagram and tiktok videos with ease.

Push Notifications

You can now enable browser notification so you can receive push notifications even if you're not browsing PaidTabs.

General Fixes:

  • No more annoying multiple notifications for invitations and other events. (thanks @ojalaqueque @dani_gtr)
  • Dates in messages and emails are now based on your timezone. (thanks @dani_gtr)
  • The possibility to see accepted requests in "Transcription Requests" page
  • The ability to see the recently delivered orders *
  • Quick responses (thanks @GpTabs) *
  • UI Improvements on mobile (thanks @GpTabs)
  • The possibility to make conversations readonly. *
  • Customers can choose whether they want a request to be visible to everybody or only invited musicians. *
  • Change request body (tracks, genres, key) upon delivery *
  • Support YouTube Shorts URLs.
  • Payment history for purchases.

* Our UI/UX department working on bringing these features live and they're scheduled next week.

We would like to thank everyone of our musicians on our Slack community for helping us improving the platform by sharing suggestions and reporting bugs. Thank you, @Fred Andersson @SamBrown @DavidMay @Arnaldo Rodriguez  🙏🏻

Coming Next Update

PaidTabs Wallet  

Seamless payments with PaidTabs wallet. Now you can add funds to your PaidTabs account and use your balance to make purchases seamlessly. You can view the history of your purchases in a new page; Payment History.

Musicians can use the money they earned from transcriptions to make purchases however, they cannot add funds.

PaidTabs Mobile App

We have been working hard to bring PaidTabs app live on Android and IOS! Get Ready!

Payment Requests

Musicians can now request payments from clients for a specific order. Those payments are refundable unlike tips (donations). Once payment is made, order price will change.

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