PaidTabs Grows and Innovates

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic updates from our end, demonstrating our commitment to improving and expanding our services for all of you music enthusiasts and creators out there! Team Expansion As

Download PaidTabs Chrome Extension For Instant Chords & Tabs

Introducing ChordsGate: Quickly Find TABs and Sheet Music for YouTube, Spotify and YouTube Music. Exciting news! PaidTabs launched a new Chrome extension: ChordsGate. This tool lets you instantly find or request guitar chords

PaidTabs x Vi-Skogen: We planted 100 trees

Making Strides in Sustainability This February, we’ve taken a step further in our commitment to the environment by planting 100 trees in partnership with Vi-Skogen. Our journey doesn’t stop here; we&

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Music Transcription on PaidTabs

We understand the importance of protecting your creative works and respecting copyright laws. PaidTabs is committed to fostering a respectful and legally compliant environment for both musicians and music enthusiasts. Our platform operates