PaidTabs Refund Policy and Moneyback guarantee

PaidTabs, a premier platform for guitar tabs and music scores, is steadfast in its commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. Central to this commitment is our robust refund and money-back guarantee policy, crafted meticulously to provide a secure and seamless shopping experience for our clients. Particularly designed for library sales, this policy ensures that fairness is maintained even when direct interaction with the score provider is not possible. In this guide, we delve deeper into our refund policy, detailing the circumstances that warrant a refund, our thorough validation process, and our strategic measures to prevent false refunds.

Circumstances Warranting a Refund

PaidTabs considers refunds under a variety of scenarios:

1. Mistaken Orders: In the event of inadvertent orders due to misclicks, misunderstandings, or website glitches, we encourage clients to reach out to us promptly. Each claim is subject to meticulous investigation, and a refund is issued only after the mistake is validated.

2. Inaccurate or Incomplete Scores: Despite our stringent quality controls, rare instances may arise where the purchased score is inaccurate or incomplete. We ask clients to report such discrepancies directly to us, whereupon we undertake a detailed examination of the score. If the claim is found valid, a refund is issued accordingly.

3. Duplicate Purchases: Unintentional duplicate purchases can occur due to technical issues or simple oversights. In such situations, we recommend clients contact us without delay. We verify the duplication by reviewing the purchase history before considering a refund.

4. Defective Library Items: Despite rigorous quality checks, clients may encounter defective library items. In such cases, we encourage clients to reach out to us. We assess the reported defects and, depending on the severity, may issue a refund.

Preventing False Refunds: Our Validation Process

Every refund request at PaidTabs is treated with utmost seriousness. We understand the importance of a fair process that serves both the client and the company, and therefore, each claim undergoes a thorough validation process.

This validation process involves a multi-tiered approach:

1. Authenticity of the Client: We verify the authenticity of the client by reviewing their account history, including details such as the registration date, past activity, and any previous issues or disputes.

2. Order History: We review the client's order history, considering factors such as the number of orders they have placed, the variety of scores purchased, and any pattern in their purchasing behavior that might indicate fraudulent activity.

3. Refund Rate: We also take into account the client's refund rate, i.e., the percentage of orders for which they have requested a refund. An unusually high refund rate might be indicative of false refund claims.

By adopting this rigorous validation process, we ensure that only legitimate refund requests are processed. This approach not only prevents false refunds, which can have significant financial implications for the company, but also maintains the integrity of our platform and the trust of our genuine clients.


PaidTabs is dedicated to providing a transparent, reliable, and seamless transaction experience. We understand that issues may occasionally arise despite our best efforts. In such cases, our robust refund and money-back guarantee policy, coupled with our strategic measures to prevent false refunds, ensures a fair and secure shopping experience.