How to request guitar tabs/sheet music on

How to request guitar tabs/sheet music on

Here's a brief tutorial shows how to get any guitar tab from PaidTabs.

  • Let's find your song!

Go to and search for song you want to create the tabs for.

If your song is "Unlisted", you have to use the video url e.g.

In our example, we are looking to get guitar tabs for "Purple Rain Cover - Prince Tribute"

Search Result

The search result will show two types of items:

  • Songs that have been already transcribed on PaidTabs ( Available to download)
  • Songs that have not been transcribed before. You can submit a request to get the tabs for.

Click on "REQUEST" button to submit a transcription request to our musicians.

You will see the following window:

The difference between Rush and Normal is the attention your request will get.

For example if you choose Rush, musicians will receive SMS messages and the request will be highlighted and always on the top of the requests list unlike normal requests.

Transcription Length

The next steps are simple, add your email so we send you the tabs there once they're ready and choose if you want the musician to transcribe a specific part or the full song.

What instruments to transcribe?

Now choose what you want the musician to transcribe, let's say there are five musicians in your video and one of them playing Ukulele, You have to choose that from the tags so the musician knows you want that to be transcribed.

Or if you want to get the rhythm guitar, you have to tell the musician that you want to get that.

If there's only one guitar player in the whole song, choose only "Lead Guitar Tracks"

Choose your budget for this song

Let musicians know your budget for this tab. The higher the budget is the more offers you get. If your budget is $100.00 USD for 5 minutes songs. You will not pay that much if your song is easy enough. You will get offers that fit both musicians and you.

Musicians will make sure always to send appropriate offers, because they can't see each others offers and there will compete to get your request in a price that fits everybody.

Avoid low budget such as $9.00 for 5 minutes songs otherwise your request will end up with no offers.

Request Posted

VOILÁ  🎉🥳  Your request is now being reviewed by our musicians! You supposed to receive offers shortly to your email!

Ready to start?

Submit a request for free! Watch the offers roll in and level up your playing now!

Submit a Request

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