How to get your offers accepted on PaidTabs?


Maximizing Your Offer Visibility on PaidTabs

In a competitive landscape where clients are inundated with offers, standing out is paramount. At PaidTabs, only one offer gets highlighted, and this guide will help you ensure that yours is the one that shines brightest.

Key Factors for Highlighting Your Offer

  1. Rating Score: Your rating score is the cornerstone of your visibility. It is influenced by the quality of your work, punctuality, and your ability to fulfill clients' requests without cancellations or missed deadlines. Positive feedback from clients will bolster your Reviews Score.
  2. Failed Deliveries: A higher failed delivery rate, resulting from incomplete tabs, will detrimentally affect your visibility. It is crucial to maintain a low rate of failed deliveries.
  3. Delivery Days: Minimizing delivery days is vital, but not at the expense of quality. Strive to offer the shortest possible delivery time without compromising the quality of your work.
  4. First Offer: Being the first to make an offer can give you an edge. However, it is important to thoroughly review the request before submitting your offer.
  5. Revisions: Offering a higher number of revisions instills confidence in the client, indicating your commitment to their satisfaction.
  6. In-Progress Orders: A lower number of orders in progress signals your availability to start working on new requests immediately, which can enhance your offer's visibility.
  7. Price: While it plays a role in highlighting your offer, it is not as important as the Quality Score. For instance, if two musicians have the same quality score, and one has a lower price than the other, but the second musician sent the offer earlier, the second offer will get highlighted. Quality Score and First Offer win over Quality Score and Price!
An example of an offer where's the musician has a high rate of failed deliveries.

Additional Considerations:

  • Express Passion: Demonstrating genuine interest in the band or song can significantly increase your offer's acceptance rate. Clients often prefer musicians who share their enthusiasm for the music.
  • Justify Your Price: If your offer exceeds the starting price, clearly explain the reasons. Whether it is the song's length, complexity, or any other factor, transparency is key to building trust.
  • Confidence: Project confidence in your communication and work. A professional profile, positive feedback, and a well-crafted message can all contribute to justifying a higher price.
  • Maintain a Balanced Workload: A healthy number of in-progress orders indicates your ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, which can instill confidence in potential clients.

Using Magic Variables in Your Templates

To make your life even easier, you can use magic variables in your saved templates. Magic variables are placeholders that will be replaced with actual values when you send the message. This way, you don’t have to edit the price, revisions, or days every time you send a message.

Here's how you can use them:

In your saved template or an offer message, use {PRICE} where you want to mention the price, {REVISIONS} where you want to mention the number of revisions, and {DAYS} where you want to mention the number of days for delivery.

When you send the message, the system will automatically replace {PRICE} with the actual price, {REVISIONS} with the actual number of revisions, and {DAYS} with the actual number of days.

For example, if your template message is:

"Hey [Client's Name], I can deliver a killer tab for [Song Name] in {DAYS} days with {REVISIONS} revisions for ${PRICE} USD."

And you are sending an offer for $50, 3 revisions, and 5 days delivery time, the system will automatically send:

"Hey [Client's Name], I can deliver a killer tab for [Song Name] in 5 days with 3 revisions for $50 USD."

Using magic variables will save you time and help you send offers more quickly and efficiently!

Here's a few examples to get you started:

Example 1:

I'm excited to see your request for [Song Name] by [Band Name], a favorite of mine. I'm confident in delivering a high-quality tab for this song, given my experience and past client satisfaction.

My offer includes a complete and accurate tab, delivery within {DAYS} days, and {REVISIONS} revisions to ensure your satisfaction. The complexity of the song justifies the higher cost of my offer, but I am confident the quality will meet your expectations.

Thank you for considering my offer. I look forward to the opportunity to work on this song.

Best regards,

Example 2:

Rock on for choosing [Song Name] by [Band Name]! 🎸 I'm a huge fan and would be stoked to create a killer tab for you.

Here's the scoop:

  • I'll whip up a spot-on tab for the entire tune.
  • You'll have it in your hands in just {DAYS} days.
  • Need tweaks? No sweat! I've got you covered with {REVISIONS} revisions.

Now, I know my offer is a bit more moolah than the starting bid, but that’s because this tune has some tricky bits that’ll take extra time to nail. But trust me, it’ll be worth every penny.

Thanks a ton for considering my offer. Can’t wait to dive into this awesome track with you!

Rock on,

Example 3:

I saw your request for [Song Name] and I gotta say, I’m super jazzed about the chance to work on a tab for that killer tune by [Band Name].

Here’s the deets on my offer:

  • A bangin’ tab for [Song Name]
  • Delivery in {DAYS} days
  • {REVISIONS} revisions to make sure you’re 100% happy

My offer’s a tad higher than the starting offer because this song has some complex bits that’ll take a bit of extra effort. But trust me, the quality will totally match the price.

Thanks a bunch for thinking of me for this gig. I’m super excited about the chance to dive into this song with you!

Rock on,

Example 4:

I stumbled upon your request for [Song Name] by [Band Name], and I’m totally psyched! That tune is a classic, and I’m itching to get started on a tab for you.

Here’s the scoop on my offer:

  • A killer tab for [Song Name]
  • Delivery in {DAYS} days
  • {REVISIONS} revisions to make sure it’s on point

My offer is a bit above the starting bid, but that’s because this tune has some intricate bits that’ll take a bit more time. I promise the quality will be top-notch!

Big thanks for thinking of me for this gig. Super excited about the chance to work on this track with you!

Stay awesome,

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