If you're looking for any hard to find guitar tabs, you can submit a transcription request on and a musician will reach out to you with a quote.

However, if a customer just like you already requested a song that you're looking for, you'll be able to purchase that score. The price is usually cheaper than requesting a transcription since no musician will have to create a custom score for you.

BANDMAID After Life - BANDMAID guitar tab
BANDMAID After Life guitar chords & tab by BANDMAID. Professionally transcribed! Rare find custom tab. Affordable tabs. Note-for-note tab. PDF MIDI

If you're looking for a custom guitar tab, we can create it for you on try it for free. We have more than 200 freelancers ready to create your custom sheet music or guitar tab. Affordable with money back guarantee. Note-for-note transcriptions by real professional vetted musicians.
Request Music Transcription Service -
Turn any song into sheet music or guitar tabs. High-quality and affordable custom note-for-note transcriptions service for Piano, guitar, bass, vocals.

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