PaidTabs x Vi-Skogen: We planted 100 trees

PaidTabs x Vi-Skogen: We planted 100 trees
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Making Strides in Sustainability

This February, we’ve taken a step further in our commitment to the environment by planting 100 trees in partnership with Vi-Skogen. Our journey doesn’t stop here; we're continuing our green symphony into March and beyond.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

At PaidTabs, we’re not just about music; we’re about making a difference. We’re steering musicians away from the print, embracing a future where music and nature play in harmony. Our interactive guitar player eliminating the need for PDFs and printing, ensuring our melody with the planet is a sustainable one.

Play Music, Plant Futures

Join us in this movement. Together, let's create a world where music nurtures the earth.

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