PaidTabs Grows and Innovates

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic updates from our end, demonstrating our commitment to improving and expanding our services for all of you music enthusiasts and creators out there!

Team Expansion
As part of our ongoing effort to enhance your experience at PaidTabs, we're excited to welcome three new members to our team! Joining us are a skilled UI/UX Designer, a talented Frontend Developer, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. These new team members are already working hard to make your PaidTabs experience even smoother and more user-friendly.

Impressive Growth
Thanks to your support, PaidTabs has achieved an impressive quarterly growth rate of 25%! Additionally, we saw a substantial growth of 21% from February to March. This growth not only motivates us but also enables us to continue investing in technology and talent to serve you better.

Mobile App Launch
We're also excited to announce the launch of the PaidTabs Mobile App, now available for both iPhone and Android devices! This app brings our extensive library of guitar tabs and sheet music right to your fingertips, making it easier than ever to access and enjoy music on the go.

New Chrome Extension: ChordsGate
For our tech-savvy users, we’ve launched a new Chrome extension, ChordsGate. This tool helps you instantly find guitar tabs and piano sheet music for songs on YouTube and Spotify. It’s a game-changer for practicing and learning new pieces more efficiently.

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New Influencers Onboard
Adding to our list of influential collaborators, we’re proud to welcome Gareth Evans and Hvetter to our community. These talented musicians bring fresh perspectives and exciting content, enhancing the diversity and richness of our platform.

We are deeply grateful for your continued trust and enthusiasm. Your support not only fuels our growth but also our passion for making PaidTabs the best platform for musicians around the world. Check out our new app, try the ChordsGate extension, and explore the new tabs from Gareth Evans and Hvetter today!

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