PaidTabs 4.0 Changelog


version 4.0

Major Updates

  • Clients can now request transcriptions for songs on Spotify in addition to YouTube.
  • The ability to post reviews to musicians.
  • Scores can be pinned to your public profile.

Minor Changes

  • Transcribers can hide scores they're not interested in.
  • The ability to sort scores chronologically and based on popularity.
  • Customers can see musicians reviews on their public profiles.
  • Transcribers can disable "Deadline Approaching" email notifications.
  • Transcribers can choose the files they want to upload [next patch]
  • Increase the minimum budget for 'vocals', 'lyrics' requests. [next patch]
  • Supporting Power Tab Editor software [next patch]

Those were just the major updates; there are more exciting features for you to find out; please go ahead and check out for extra fascinating stuff.

And guess what, we are rolling even more updates soon. PaidTabs is here for you! Thank you for being a PaidTabs loyal member.

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