Download PaidTabs Chrome Extension For Instant Chords & Tabs

Download PaidTabs Chrome Extension For Instant Chords & Tabs

Introducing ChordsGate: Quickly Find TABs and Sheet Music for YouTube, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Exciting news! PaidTabs launched a new Chrome extension: ChordsGate. This tool lets you instantly find or request guitar chords and tabs for any song on Spotify and YouTube, right from your browser.

Why should you install ChordsGate by PaidTabs

  • Find chords with a single click.
  • Switch from listening to playing instantly.
  • Works directly on YouTube videos, Spotify and YouTube Music.

How to Use ChordsGate chrome Extension:

  • Go to ChordsGate extension on Chrome Extension Store and click on "Add to Chrome".
  • Play a song on Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.
  • Click the ‘Chords’ button next to the player
  • If the sheet music available on PaidTabs purchase it immediately, otherwise request it.
  • Start playing along! 🎸

ChordsGate by PaidTabs is a game-changer browser extension for guitar enthusiasts and aspiring musicians. No more scouring the web for reliable chord sheets or struggling to figure out how to play your favorite songs. With ChordsGate, you can effortlessly access a vast library of chords and tabs, making learning and playing music more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your guitar playing experience. Install ChordsGate today and unlock a world of musical possibilities at your fingertips. Happy strumming!

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